Got my hands on a Go Pro HD Hero 2.

Of course the first thing I do is strap it to Lexi, my best friend’s Pit Bull/American Bulldog and take her to the school down the street from my house.

She didn’t get to run around very much since there was a little league coach bitching at me about Lexi not being on a leash.

Did some quick editing and color correction with iMovie. Can’t wait to mess around with this some more.

SNOW ON THA BLUFF is the story of, Atlanta robbery boy and crack dealer, Curtis Snow who steals a camera from some college kids in a dope deal and begins documenting his life. At first, it’s business as usual for Curt. He robs dope boys, he runs from the cops, and he sells drugs, all while trying to provide for his baby momma and 2-year-old son. But when one of the drug dealers he ripped off comes back for revenge, things in Curt’s life spirals out of control.

HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE IS CRAZY! Yes, it’s partially fake. Curtis Snow allegedly reached out to director Damon Russell to make a documentary about his life. Obviously the camera-jacking was fixed — the quality is too good for it to be some white college kid’s handheld Cybershot, plus we already know there is a director, editor, and Executive Producer Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire).

The scene where the cameraman is not questioned when Curtis is shot and arrested, or the car-jackings and drive-bys where he is mysteriously unharmed. And we just won’t talked about the final scene that was poorly thrown in for mild closure.

However, any scene involving the police was definitely not scripted. The RIPs at the end of the closing credits lead us to believe that two of the deaths in the film are real. Was the coke Curtis was snorting and selling real? Was he really saying “be a man, yo’ mama dead now, she gone” to a hysterical, crying infant? Did he kill a rival’s baby-mama in retribution for sending him to jail?

These unanswered questions are what make this “documentary” so great. Not knowing whether I spent two hours taking a real-life glimpse into a lifestyle I want nothing to do with or if I have been duped by a clever screenwriter has a surprisingly strong impact.

Snow On Tha BluffFrom Wikipedia:

An attempt on Curtis Snow’s life occurred in December 2011. He survived a grisly box-cutter knife attack. [6]

A melee broke out at the film’s showing at the Atlanta Film Festival, as some audience members were unsure of the authenticity of a scene in which a child puts his hands into a pile of crack cocaine with a razor blade in it.

As a result of officers seeing a part of the movie, the Atlanta Police Department contacted the filmmakers in connection with an investigation into a string of home invasions.[7]

On May 16, 2012, actor Michael K. Williams revealed that he is an Executive Producer on Snow On Tha Bluff. Michael K. Williams is best known for his portrayal of Omar from The Wire and Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire. Snow on tha Bluff is Williams first executive produced film under his company, Freedome Productions. On the Breakfast Club program on New York radio station Power 105.1, Williams described the movie’s truthful portrayal of the hood. He followed with, “everything that is wrong with the hood, is in this movie”. [8]

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